To The Boy Who Loved Me But Cheated Anyway

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 6Sons of Anarchy: Season 6

It’s a tale as old as time, just not the one Disney told us about. Boy loves girl. Boy cheats on girl. Boy loses girl. I should start by clarifying one thing. I use the word boy because men don’t cheat. Men have courage to walk away before the line is crossed. They are honest and open and communicate when things are wrong. But you, my friend, are a boy. A boy is someone who has a lot of growing up to do but thinks they are unstoppable. Boys are immature and unable to deal with life when it gets hard. So when you ran away when things got difficult (and especially when you ran into the arms and lips of another girl) you put yourself in the boy box and I’m not sure when you’ll get out.

I was never the relationship type. I…

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