Dealing with Romance:Tales from a Hopeless Romantic

her thought dumpster

You know it when you feel it. First, you feel sparks. Whenever he’s around, you feel butterflies in your stomach. Never ending butterflies, it continues to flutter and flutter the whole time you are together.

You focus on his features—his positive attributes: his eyes, his nose, and his lips; his gentleness as you spoke. You have this feeling that if, by chance, you would end up together; he’s going to be excellent for you. After all, he’s going to make you, his queen.

Second, you admire nobody else around; you just see him. You can’t envision about anything else aside from what it feels like to live in this previously-monotonous-world when you already had been influenced by the inexplicable enchantment of romance.

You stopped caring about the status quo; you disregard the essentiality of living a materialistic life, you don’t worry about Maslow’s hierarchy of human basic needs, and you…

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