The Silver Lining To Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Thought Catalog


It’s easy to hate on being long distance. I get it. I’ve been long distance with my guy for over a year now and it sucks. Flat out, it sucks.

When you start dating someone, you kind of expect that you’ll at least be, I don’t know, in the same state, but that isn’t always the case. Real life gets in the way and sometimes changes your plans.

But like everything in life, in order to get through a rough patch, you have to seek the good and find the silver lining. And for long distance relationships, the silver lining is pretty good- and can change your perspective on your entire relationship.

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Long distance is hard. You feel like you’re dating your phone because that’s the main form of communication, you don’t always the next time you’re going to see your favorite person, and only being…

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