Reality behind Reality TV shows


We can’t deny the fact that the television is the most influential form of media today. Just imagine how life would be so boring without a television.  Of course TV has a great impact on people because it is a good source of knowledge, education, information and entertainment. But the real question is, do televisions give us the whole truth?

This is where reality televisions comes in. Reality televisions are television programs that present real people and real situation which is often monitored by the public. Producers, advertisers, sponsors, and anyone who has a role in making reality shows benefits so much from this.  Here in the Philippines, the most popular reality TV show is the Pinoy Big Brother. I was once an avid fan of this. During my high school years, I would stay up late every night just to watch PBB. I even jumped for joy when the person I idolize became the big winner.

It’s just so amazing how they became big after the show. Because you know, they all started as normal people. Then out of the thousands who auditioned, they were given the chance to  enter  the Big Brother house , live there everyday life ,get monitored by the public, and when the show ends, they’re already celebrities and have a bunch of supporters screaming their name. Astonishing right?

Notice the people who won such reality shows. They are the ones who stay true and disclose themselves more often. This reflects to the viewers that if they would disclose themselves with other people and show their true color, they can build strong relationships and gain support from people. Of course, most people want to become instant celebrities too.  But because not everyone is given the chance, their behavior towards blogging, video and photo sharing are affected. Blogging has become their means of sharing their personal lives to the people. Video and photo sharing become their way of showing people that they have the capability of becoming celebrities. Who knows? You might be the next Youtube Sensation like Justin Bieber and Charice Pempengco. 


Yes, there is nothing wrong with disclosures. It’s just that Reality TV Shows show to the public that it’s okay to be open, and it’s okay to share everything to anyone because celebrities also have done it themselves. But the sad fact is, everything is just a façade. Reality TV shows are not as real as what we thought it would be. Most of it is scripted just to add color and spice to the show.  Celebrities have to keep their privacies too. And as a clueless fan, thinking that everything is for real, there you are revealing your true self to the public and trying so hard to become famous. The fact that people are risking their own privacy just to imitate celebrities disturbs me. Now that you know about this, would you still fantasize reality TV show? Would you still risk you own privacy for nothing? Think about it.