Who’s to blame, the policy or the person?



In the year 2004, Mark Zuckerburg launched a social networking site where users can chat with their friends, check private messages, upload photos and update their personal profiles. Through time, this social networking site became enormously accessible to all that every single person that I know is a member of it. I bet you already know what I’m talking about. And yes, it’s the ever popular FACEBOOK. Nowadays, having a Facebook account is a daily necessity or even a trend. In fact, many users can’t survive a day without updating it.

Facebook has become a great phenomenon. But in any great phenomenon comes with a downside. Facebook may have helped many people in different ways, but at some point, certain issues were raised. One of the biggest problems that Facebook has been dealing with since its launch was the privacy issue of its users. According to the study about Facebook and Online Privacy: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences by Bernhard Debatin, Jennette P. Lovejoy, Ann-Kathrin Horn, M.A. and Brittany N. Hughes, specific privacy concerns of online social networking include inadvertent disclosure of personal information, damaged reputation due to rumors and gossip, unwanted contact and harassment or stalking, surveillance-like structures due to backtracking functions, use of personal data by third-parties, and hacking and identity theft.


Even though Facebook have all these wonderful privacy settings found in your account, it’s just sad to know that not all users are using their privacy for their own safety. Studies have shown that a large percentage of users were aware about the privacy settings but only a little percent makes use of it. Facebook has provided privacy settings in which you can choose whether the public can see your profile, your Facebook friends, or only you. There is another thing that I do find disturbing, and that is a lot of Facebook user post their every move on Facebook. It’s just like their whole world revolves on Facebook. And I personally find it too shallow. You see, not all people are interested in everything you do. Not unless you’re a celebrity or something.

But then again, Facebook is a social networking site. You can’t keep everything in private. Facebook is made for sharing thoughts, experiences, and ideas. But we should always put in mind to be responsible enough in sharing personal information with others. Because Facebook has already gave you options. And at the end of the day, we ourselves have the power to control our own privacy. 


13 responses to “Who’s to blame, the policy or the person?

  1. I’m impressed with facebook’s privacy settings. Which is the best thing about Facebook of course. Its very impressive bcuz, it has very fortified system that protects the privacy of its members. Believe it or not, I tried to bypass it’s firewall shell but it was too strong. and still we found ways to get inside your account so please be careful. But, good thing! With your privacy so protected on Facebook, you can play like anybody on Facebook.

  2. the one that will gonna be blame is the person, Because before they enter in that social media they already know what is happening inside that social media and they are the only one who choose their privacy.

  3. If people would experience not so good things in facebook, that is no longer the policy’s fault–it’s theirs. Facebook users are the ones who decide about their own privacy settings, it is their mistake if they did not choose the right settings for them.

  4. Actually, there is no such thing as an efficient firewall. No matter what everything and everyone is prone to privacy violations. We are all vulnerable to any attack online. I have been through the grinder a lot of times, as a response, I had to change my password from the minimum of six characters to 38 characters. The only safeguard you have is, do not click when in doubt, do not respond if unsure and do not reply if you feel you are on the offensive. Whatever you do online may may be responded to accordingly. In short whatever you sow you will reap.

  5. Even there are laws such as the Republic Act 10175 that protects us from any cybercrime related activities, we should still observe accountability in our actions and learn to value privacy and ethical social networking, for in the end of the day, it’s still you that will be the one responsible for your actions, regardless if it’s beneficiary or destructive. Be disciplined. 🙂

  6. Mary Lyn

    Facebook indeed is helpful for us as a student and a normal citizen. We can communicate in our fellow with some important matters.
    Invaders or hackers are already there.
    And with regards to privacy and status that some may post it’s their own risk and control of it.

  7. Chinx

    Personne n’est à blâmer. Just be responsible!

  8. Ma. Mercedes Garzon

    Although we live in a society with so much freedom, we should never neglect our responsibility of keeping our own privacy that controls how others see us. For there will be no more UNDOs once our image is ruined. After all, it will be our loss.

  9. Ney

    The person should be more responsible in sharing things. One should really think whether he/she really wants to share something or not because, sharing means that others as well as unwanted persons can see it. This is where the privacy settings comes in. Just be responsible with what you share and maximize the use of your privacy settings.

  10. eywisdee

    Obviously, the on to blame here is the person. Facebook has now become a system where people share everything and remember, no system is perfect. Its always the responsibility of the person to take note of the imperfection of this system. We are the ones responsible of our thoughts, and its also us who choose what the people see about us in these social networking sites.

  11. Zarahbell Ann alavarria

    Once again, I’ll insert the concept of P3P as it was introduced in our 101 class last week. Yes, we have the choice (and let us be reminded that it is a privilege) with the information we are going to disclose on the web. We should always think twice before uploading a picture or typing our credit card’s digits because the web – in general – is a dangerous place. Once you publish it and it comes out on the internet, its everybody’s “property”. So, never underestimate the power of securing your privacy for your own goddamn sake. 🙂 Meeheee.

  12. Nathan Anderson

    I can honestly say, I felt so much better knowing that some people couldnt look me up. Now I have to worry about a crazy ex that can burn down my house now because facebook will show her where I live.
    and about to share.

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