Youth Advocates: Hear Out and be Heard


The youth of today’s society are enormously overtaken by the wonders of modern technology. In fact, most teenagers today can’t survive a day without using one. Social networking sites and cellular phones are some of the technologies that are widely used nowadays. Moreover, it is the easiest and most convenient way in reaching the youth to participate in advocacies.

In my opinion, I think that as a youth, engaging in social groups to support advocacies is the most expedient way in which most youngsters can be able to voice out their own opinions and giving them the opportunity to get involved. Apparently, as these teenagers reach adulthood, they may have developed a rational way of thinking armed with advocacy skills and power.

According to the study of Rosemary Thackery Ph.D., MPH (Empowering youth: Use of Technology in Advocacy to Affect Social Change) the youth advocates use cell phones and Social networking sites for 1) recruiting people to join the cause, 2) organizing collective action, 3) raising awareness and shaping attitudes, 4) raising funds to support the cause, and 5) communicating with decision makers. This is why using these technologies are very convenient since it can reach a large number of people. Furthermore, the technology helps the youth to enhance their own beliefs and way of thinking.

I personally support several advocacies using these technologies. One good example of it is the DREAM PROJECT PH. I once attended a talk about this project and I immediately fell in love with its advocacy. This project aims to shape the dreams of the Filipino youth, teaches the culture of dreams, inspires the youth to dream big and enable dreams for the Philippines. But since it is Negros Occidental based and I can’t support the cause in person, I just simply share it to my friends in facebook and ask them to support the project. It’s just so nice how they have reached a large amount of people using the social networking sites. And through these technologies, they have acquired sponsors from the different parts of the Philippines.


We are in a generation where you don’t have to stand and shout out loud to be heard. We are in the generation that is well equipped with technologies where we can voice out our own opinions and support advocacies in our own simple ways.  The technology made its way to reach us. Now it’s our time to reach for others as well. Don’t limit yourself. Explore, participate and be aware. Support advocacies. Hear out and be heard.