The Limitless Uses of Facebook


The major problem of the government today is education. Out of the P37.1 billion of the government’s budget allotted for state universities and colleges, only P6 billion will go to operations and P3 billion goes to facilities and equipments. Notice how small this is and knowing that it will be divided to hundreds of universities and thousands of students. It’s obviously not enough to sustain the needs of every Filipino student today. Not even enough to give free education to everyone. And where do the schools and universities get their funds? A little part of it is from the subsidy and mostly, they rely on the private donations of their alumni. But unfortunately, it is very difficult for the universities to maintain strong   relationship with each of their alumna because  the direct mailing, phone calls and face to face interactions require much effort and money plus the fact that we are talking about a large number of people. And what tool do most universities use in order to reach their alumni more efficiently? –FACEBOOK.

There are 1.11 billion people active users of facebook everyday as of March 2013. Just imagine how facebook can be a very useful tool in reaching a large number of people. Facebook has become a low-cost tool in a very sufficient way of communicating. The study “Building Stronger Ties with Alumni through Facebook to increase Volunteerism and Charitable Giving” by Harmonie Farrow and Y. Connie Yuan shows how social networking sites especially facebook caused great impact in volunteering and giving charitable gifts. Factors such as overcoming physical distance, reaching large audiences, and increasing the frequency of communication are mainly the reasons why social networking sites became very useful tools for promoting stronger ties between individuals.

Since ‘signing up’ in facebook is free, everyone can have an easy access and can communicate with others efficiently. Joining in facebook groups can also be used as an interactive group in which the members can post and comment. Through facebook, you can also contact your old friends and keep in touch with them.

Apparently, facebook today is not just intended for posting random photos and statuses only. It’s already a tool for extending charity works and volunteerism. It has been also a great help for state universities and colleges. It’s just good to know that the universities are making their own move and don’t just only depend on the government’s subsidy. It’s also amazing how the alumni never forget to help their Alma mater. Just as what a popular Filipino saying says “hindi ka makakarating sa iyong paroroonan kung hindi ka marunong lumingon sa iyong pinanggalingan”.