A Sense of Community Through Blogs

I usually express my own thoughts on my personal journal. I’m not really that type of person who shares everything to people. That’s why the thought of making a blog and knowing that anyone can read, comment or even criticize my work is so intimidating. However, upon knowing how blogs can be very helpful, a part of me was also thrilled to share to you my personal thoughts.

BLOGS. What do usually come to your mind when you hear the word blogs? Basically, blogs are used to disseminate information like current events, showbiz reports, entertainment, latest gadgets, stories, and most importantly the hottest news through internet. We can say that the internet is now one of the major sources of information. In our generation today where most of the people are busy with their own lives and only have a little free time, catching the news on TV and radios or reading the newspapers seems like a big burden. In this case, reading blogs would be very useful. Through internet, in just a click away, you can have easy access to the specific news you’d like to read about. Plus, blogs also have commentaries in which you can read the viewpoints of different people in certain news.

In the hurricane Katrina disaster that hit the New Orleans last August 2005, the blogs made an impact in which it was used as news and information source during emergency and disasters. Given the fact that the telephones, TV and radio channels, and other communication devices were not available because of the hurricane, blogging was indeed a big help. Through blogging, the people were able to call for assistance, extend their helping hands with each other, look for missing people, and acquire updates about the hurricane. Blogging also doesn’t need much effort news casting it in televisions and radios or printing it and dispersing to different places in the world. And because of the worldwide information dissemination through blogs, the spirit of companionship, support, and unity was highlighted for the group of individuals who extended their help to the victims.

Most of you might ask why I tackled most about the hurricane Katrina. This is because according to the article that I have read (Blog Functions as Risk and Crisis Communication during Hurricane Katrina), the said hurricane was the first major crisis where blogs are widely used as a communication medium. Through the massive use of blogs during that time, it helped build a stronger sense of community between people even oceans apart. It’s just nice to think that the love and willingness to help other people are still present these days.

Most of the people today especially teenagers spend most of their time in the virtual community wherein they can make friends with different people, communicate through miles, and post random things. While reading my blog, I would like you to take time and reflect. Instead of wasting your whole day listening to music, sharing photos, and trying so hard to become twitter stars, why not read blogs that are worth reading? Blogs that will teach you lessons, give you big opportunities, or just simply touch other people’s lives.